Research & Teaching

Workforce Research Programme
(with King’s College, London)

Dr. Patricia Oakley is based at King’s College, London University, for a workforce research programme for policy-makers under the ægis of Professor David Guest.

Current projects in strategic workforce planning and development for the Chief Scientific Officer include:

  • the genomics and clinical bioinformatics workforce;
  • the life sciences workforce;
  • the cardiac physiology workforce.

We offer workforce planning teams horizon scanning and research expertise in parameterising and modelling:

  • demand-side factors;
  • supply-side factors;
  • efficiency and quality factors.

Post-Graduate Teaching Programmes
(with King’s College, London)

Dr. Patricia Oakley teaches on several post-graduate programmes at King’s College, London, in the Medical and Management Schools.
Current programmes include:

  • Masters in Public Health.
  • Masters in Primary Care.
  • Masters in Public Policy.

Applications to join these programmes are via King’s College, London:
Advanced Clinical Leaders Programmes

Dr. Patricia Oakley teaches on several post-graduate programmes including:

  • The Royal College of Physicians’ Masters in Medical Leadership.
  • The London School of Economics’ Masters in Health Economics Policy and Management.
  • Academi Wales’ Medical leaders Programme.

We offer in-depth modules for senior clinical leaders in:

  • the policy-making and delivery process from the generation and testing of ideas to law-making, and to executive Standing Orders;
  • the future of health care provision underpinned by new science and technology – genomics and stem cell sciences;
  • the organisation of professionals in networks of expertise organised as a community of learning practitioners.

We offer bespoke modules for programme leaders in single professional or multi-professional groups.
Bulletin Board and Research Opportunities

We have research participation opportunities where you can join one of the policy research programmes for a discreet piece of work which can be written-up as a formal submission for publication.


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