Strategic Workforce Planning and Investment Modelling

We offer Strategic Workforce Planning and Risk Assessment Modelling for Specialist Workforces around the specific needs of:

  • NHS Trusts.
  • Workforce Planning Policy Groups – Local Education and Training Boards, Health Education England and professional groups.
  • NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Commissioned projects can range from assessing the strategic impact of all or some of the following policies:

  • moving acute-based care services to the community, for example in cardiac care;
  • centralising specialist services around technology hubs, for example in science services;
  • implementing safer staffing levels, for example in nursing;
  • developing 7 day services as part of local Quality Improvement Programmes;
  • increasing service efficiency and productivity as part of local Savings Plans.

We prepare reports and technical appendices, and we transfer the Body of Knowledge to clients through local workshops and tutorials in:

  • assessing and using data;
  • building and using forecasting models;
  • preparing investment proposals.

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